RM 30 Blizzard Water Cooler

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RM 30 Blizzard Water Cooler

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RM 30 Blizzard Water Cooler

The RM 30 Blizzard Water Refill Station and Drinking Fountain is ideal for outdoors. The cabinet is made of rota-moulded, pigmented polyethylene which is a UV stabilised material that is durable, modern and 100% rust proof.

The front access panel is secured with four concealed stainless steel screws and can easily be accessed for servicing, maintenance and filter replacement. The top and basin of the RM 30 Blizzard is a single piece and combined with the internally fitted drain grill provides unequaled vandal resistance

Vandal resistant, durable, modern outdoor water refill station and drinking fountain 

Product Sheet


Rota Moulded Pigmented Polyethylene


A 1.5m Cordset with Standard 3 Pin Plug.

IP Rating:


Chilling Tank:

1.9L Stainless Steel



Packed Dimensions:

D: 42cm
H: 118cm

Packed Weight: