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MD6 Slimline Poster Frames, Sign Frames and Light Boxes

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The unique feature of these Poster Frames is the fact that they are lockable and ‘keyless’. Instead of a key lock it relies on a concealed retaining system to securely hold the display cover in place. They have proved (for many, such as Sydney Trains and Strata Managers) to be very resistant to tamper vandal and thus information theft in public places. If you’re sick and tired of losing information out of unreliable snap clip frames, it’s time to get serious and give these a try.

The MD6 Slimline Poster Case can be used for demanding applications. They incorporate vandal tamper resistant design and construction suited to harsh outdoor as well as indoor applications.

There is a lot of scope for these Poster Sign Frames to be custom made with a wide choice of finishes and colours. They can be mounted to a stand, hung, cantilevered, wall mounted or incorporated into other signs. This very versatile and modular sign system is great if tamper resistant changeable sign face panels are required. It can also be edge lit back illuminated for slim line light boxes to display advertising and promotional posters or menu board displays.

For non-illuminated Poster Sign Frames, the back is either 3mm aluminium composite panel or colourbond. The display cover can have poster insert holder clips incorporated.

The display window can be made from different material options: 3mm thick Acrylic which has good natural resistance to cleaning blemishes and haziness from graffiti removal but has poor resistance to concentrated high impact shattering and burning. If this type of vandalism or abuse is likely to be prevalent then request Polycarbonate that offers good resistance to concentrated high impact shattering and burning, but has poor resistance to cleaning blemishes and haziness from graffiti removal. Hence the optional upgrade of extra protection offered in an anti-graffiti film applied to the window to offset this disadvantage. Note: On the very very rear occasion this film could blister and we do not offer warrantee against this.


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Economical, Slim, Simple and Reliable

  • Non illuminated, suitable for weather and vandal resistant applications
  • Specialised aluminium frame with concealed wall
    fixings – no visible fasteners or locks
  • Standard finish is exterior grade satin anodized powder
  • Optional frame and border finish to selected colour
  • Window options: 3mm thick Acrylic or a 2mm Polycarbonate
  • Optional upgrade of anti-graffiti film to polycarbonate
  • Standard is a white back. Optional is super bright LED edge lit back illumination.
  • Optional Stand for Poster Cases  –  Click Here.

Cases are 20 – 22mm deep.

Visual size is 74mm less for non illuminated or 50mm less for illuminated than the overall size.

Size Capacity
A3 2 x A4s
A2 4 x A4s
A1 8 x A4s
B1 9 x A4s
A0 16 x A4s
1500 x 1000mm
550 x 1800mm
900 x 1800mm
1200 x 1800mm

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