HD3 Curved Display Case Notice Board

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HD3 Curved Display Case Notice Board

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Australian Made       Customisable

The HD3 Curved Display Case Notice Board is an Outdoor or Indoor Convex Sign, Poster and Notice Display System. It is Australia Made with a very high build quality to give a long reliable service life and endure applications with high levels of vandalism and demanding natural environments. They are very versatile and have a lot of scope for custom made requirements and finishes to fulfill all applications and budgets. Customised modular configurations are available being; Pylon, Totem, Cantilever, Suspended, Wall and Pole, mount either single or double or triple sided. Security tamper resistant stainless steel screws can be fitted in the cover for extra security.

The Curved Display Case Notice Board is used extensively through out Australia by local and state Governments and has a very good service life reputation.

The frame is a specially designed marine grade structural aluminium extrusion.

The Curved Display Case Notice Board’s display window is Polycarbonate that offers good resistance to concentrated high impact shattering and burning, but has poor resistance to cleaning blemishes and haziness from graffiti removal. Hence the optional upgrade of extra protection offered in an anti-graffiti film applied to the window to offset this disadvantage. Note: On the very very rear occasion this film could blister and we do not offer warrantee against this.

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Stylish, Modular and Durable


  • Made to order
  • Suitable for Weather and Vandal Resistant applications
  • Interchangeable covers and face panels
  • Specialised structural marine grade aluminium frame with concealed fixings
  • Customised Finishes
  • Customised Modular Configurations: Pylon, Totem, Cantilever, Suspended, Wall, Pole, mount either single or double or triple sided
  • 2mm polycarbonate window or stainless steel or aluminium sign panels
  • Upgrade of anti-graffiti film to polycarbonate window or graphics panel
  • Optional tamper resistant security screws to covers
  • Back light illumination is an option


Size Options

Sizes are overall dimensions in mm

Window size is 16mm less in width and 8mm less in height than overall dimensions.

Prices depend on customisation. Request Price

A4 portrait: 220w x 314 or 338h
A3 portrait; 310w x 461h
A2 portrait; 440w x 641h
A1 portrait: 600w x 880h
220 x customized length
310 x customized length
440 x customized length
600 x customized length
850 x customized length
900 x customized length