C Series Large Lockers

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C Series Large Lockers

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This is a large locker that is wide and deep and is ideal for keeping sporting equipment and musical instruments safe and secure.

Each locker compartment body is 490mm x 485mm.

The large lockers are made of Heavy Duty Polyethylene and have a high grade stainless steel hinge making them ideal for coastal locations, wet areas and outdoors. They are easy to clean, just hose them out and graffiti is easier to remove with no painting required.

The lockers are guaranteed for quality and against manufacturing faults for 15 years and returns will be accepted if any lockers do not meet our high quality standards. The recommended maintenance, cleaning and care instructions must be followed to ensure the 15 year warranty is not voided.

There is a range of accessories  such as Coin Return Plates and Kicker Bases that can be added to the lockers to ensure you get the ideal product to suit your environment.


Large Deep Wide Lockers

  • UV stable
  • Ideal for sporting and musical equipment
  • Range of anti-fade colours
  • Lightweight and stackable
  • Ideal for wet areas, coastal regions and outdoors
  • Quieter than timber or metal lockers
  • Easy graffiti removal
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Cloth Hook
  • Pad Locks
  • USB Cable Charging
  • Combination Locks
  • Custom Name Plates
  • Extra Shelves and Shelves with Hanger
  • Kicker Base
No of Hinges & Max No of Doors External Height (mm) Door Height (mm)
1 250 204
2 465 414
3 670 624
4 880 834
5 1090 1044
6 1300 1254
7 1510 1464
8 1720 1674
9 1930 1884