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Bike Parking Enclosure

  • <span>Multiple secure bicycle parking</span>

Arrow Alpha’s Secure Bike Parking Enclosure is a walled enclosure that has self-closing and self-locking doors. Within the bike parking enclosure there are Class 3 secure bike parking rails which cyclists use to lock their  bikes up.

Bike parking enclosures are suitable for public transport interchanges, workplaces and public buildings such as hospitals, schools and educational institutions.

The Arrow Alpha range of bike parking enclosures are manufactured using high quality materials ensuring they can endure the rigours of the public domain.

Secure Bike Parking can help your project by earning Green Star Points.

Secure enclosures for public parking areas

  • Choice of locking options including standard key locks or electronic swipe card access
  • Capacity to park a large number of bikes
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Custom built
  • Galvanised Steel
  • Colorbond Steel Roof
  • Powder Coated Colour
  • Polyurethane