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Great Benefits

·      First Class Privacy & Security

·      Conveniently At Home

·      Creative Use of Space

·      Rodent & Dust Protection

·      Quality Australian Made

·      Relocatable

·      Rent Free Investment

·      Value Added Improvement

Standard Product Details and Features:

Two standard sizes of garage storage apartment lockers priced from only $1,496 for a galvanised finish (includes Sydney Metro Installation and GST).

Size A. 2.8 cubic metre capacity: 1.17m high x 1.0m deep x 2.4m wide  

Size B. 2.5 cubic meter capacity; 1.03m high x 1.0m deep x 2.4m wide

Overhead garage storage apartment shelving locker options include:

  • Above bonnet storage stand for selected model with easy adjustable over car clearance height from 0.95m to 1.4m with levelling feet is available as an optional extra. (See below)
  • Heavy duty steel construction and galvanized finish to make it fire safe and corrosive resistant
  • Australian made reliable quality and after sales support
  • Auto up lift swing door with adjustable position gas stays
  • Floor mounted overhead garage storage locker has dual side opening doors with adjustable position manual stays
  • 3 Point secure locking mechanism to accept owner supplied padlock
  • Pre punched holes to fit the optional shelves – no shelves otherwise supplied
  • Heavy duty stainless steel hinges
  • Return inside folds around the door opening for greater privacy,  strength and security
  • 5 Year warranty from faulty workmanship and moving parts failure
  • Relocatable
  • Conforms to Australian Standards 2890.3-1993 Class 1 security for Secure Bike Parking

Optional Extras

All prices below are inclusive of GST

  1. Adjustable storage stand posts for over car above bonnet fitting is an extra $220
  2. Shelf galvanized steel finish only, (fits in 13 – 15 different height positions x 2 deep). Each shelf is 400mm deep x 1170mm wide @ $33 each
  3. Centre hanger for shelf @ $33 each
    Note: each hanger only does 1170mm wide x 400mm deep x 580 high. Add extra hangers to increase each dimension
  4. White powder coat finish to the front and sides of the locker @ $235.00 and the posts @$45
  5. Dual side opening doors with adjustable position manual stays at no extra charge
  6. Custom sizes available for orders of 5 or more lockers

Special offer on our quality overhead shelving units

Save $110 per locker if you are the first to install a single ‘Keepit’ locker in your apartment car park level OR a group of body corporate members who together order a total of 4 or more lockers for installation on the same day.

Out of Thieves Sight – Out of Thieves Mind

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Keepit over car bonnet and floor mounted garage shelving solutions is the ideal and smart way to utilise the unused space with your garage shelving. They are ideal for people who live in apartment buildings and have basement car parks but not much space for storing sporting equipment, tools, luggage, bicycles and any other items. The overhead storage locker system is safe and secure and keeps your belongings out of the public eye unlike wire cages that offer no privacy at all.

Above bonnet and overhead garage storage offers you an alternative to renting off site self-storage space. It is more convenient as you do not have to travel to it and your belongings are close at hand whenever you need them. You also own and get to keep it for life via payment terms or buy it out right so there are no ongoing rental obligations and you can choose to move it with you when you move on, or use it as an added capital improvement selling point when selling or renting your apartment.

It is the smart garage shelving alternative in place of off-site rental storage space. Take charge and be a space commander and storage king, box things up and ‘Keepit’ conveniently at home.

You never give much thought to the space over the car bonnet – in reality, it is useless unused space. Well, why not put that space to work to organise your space and your belongings more efficiently without taking up valuable living area? Just because you live in an apartment does not mean you can’t own a bike, golf clubs, surfboard and other items due to lack of over car and above and over bonnet storage.

A Keepit Storage Locker in Sydney offers you peace of mind and gives you the freedom to pursue those activities you love to do. Call us today to find out more about how you can turn unused space into complete organisation. Owning your own self-storage overhead locker has never been easier. Contact us today and let’s get organising.

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